Season Four - New Episodes

Show 9

April 3 2017

With special guest Marcel

Show 8

February 13 2017

James Watson joins us – the story behind RS Nets – Wyandotte Bears Coach

Show 7

February 8 2017

More interviews from the UFS with Reclending, Attorney Kent Ninomiya and "Legal Stuff", new triva

Show 6

January 19 2017

UFS#1 with Mark Zona, Watson's Kaby Lodge and Go Pro School

Show 5

December 22nd 2016

Wayne Macklin in the garudio and Edwin Evers on rollerskates!

Show 4

December 9th 2016

Lance drops by and talks pontoon fishing and lake mapping. Lews and BPS Cabellas buy out and more.

Show Special Event

December 2nd 2016

30 minutes with Bob Bauer and the Marathon for Meals Project

Show 3

November 19th 2016

Fischer and Malmquist drop by to show us the transition from local events to large events.

Show 2

November 6th 2016

Catch Up with Kimmel

Show 1

September 9th 2016

Michigan Bass Nation and Fish Care