Program segment designed to give your product exposure to our listening audience. How it works is pretty easy, what you will get is the product used by a smallmouth angler and a largemouth angler covering small waters and big waters.

Here is what you do:

  1. Send us your product at minimum 2 pieces 1 for Michael and 1 for Mini
  2. Include a synopsis on the product, why it was designed, your story and what you feel the best way to use the product is. Either with the product or emailed
  3. We will use the product on various waters and conditions
  4. We will review the product on a show
  5. On that same show we will interview you via the phone, unless you want to come in about your product
  6. Web page link swap
  7. Inclusion into any “product placement” changes or additions to the website where applicable

Products will not be returned, No monies will be paid and review will be honest with no bias one way or the other ………



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