Bust'in Sticks is Michigan's first one VS one match fishing program for the weekend warrior. The first season is made of 8 episodes as eight anglers take to local lakes in search of a 5 bass limit in four hours.

Just another tournament you say? Not exactly, the anglers do not know what lake they are fishing until 12 hours prior to the time they are expected at the ramp. We strive to put the anglers on lakes they have never fished, whether it be a trolling motor only lake or a large 500 acre plus lake.

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Season One - 6 Matches

Match 1

Chris Williams vs Matt Malmquist, on Big Lake.

Match 2

Aaron Kuschel vs Garrett Paquette. Middle Straights

Match 3

Brian McCarter vs Mark Goetsch. Maceday

Match 4

Jeff Elliott vs Shaun Ford. Lake Orion

Match 5

Brian McCarter vs Chris Williams...

Match 6

Jeff Elliott vs Garrett Paquette. Cedar Island.